Monday, 12 June 2017

ibis mobile Releases Deep-Learning-Based Auto Paint for Drawing App ibis Paint

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ibis mobile inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President/CEO: Eiji

Kamiya) released an additional function for social drawing app ibis

Paint. Using deep learning, the function enables automatic painting

based on line drawings.

Watch how auto paint works

ibis Paint, a popular social drawing app with 8 million downloads, now

features deep-learning-based automatic painting for line drawings. On

the ibis Paint social site, many artworks are posted every day, with

more than 600 thousand user-created works on the server. We selected

about 300 thousand artworks suitable for deep learning from over 600

thousand posts, performed some image processing of the artworks in

advance and used them to develop the new function through several months

of trial and error-based research and development by using AWS's machin e

learning cloud server (P2 instance) in Oregon in the U.S.

For users, this is a new art tool that is expected to enable new ways of

expression. After the release, users' posts on the ibis Paint social

site are expected to help us understand their drawing trend, which will

lead to higher accuracy and better recognition of diverse line drawings

of people, objects, and landscapes.

The current function can recognize people's face, hair, eye, cheek, and

mouth, and lines between people and objects. Not all of these are

painted with colors that users expect. An assist function addresses this

situation, allowing users to specify colors. With this, users can paint

in a short period of time.

This is our first commercial function that leverages deep learning. We

plan to continue research to enable new ways of expression and labor

saving using deep learning for drawing. Ultimately, we aim to develop

artificial intelligence that assists professional cartoonists,

illustrators, and animation creators to save labor and improve


Fig. 1 shows how to experience AI auto paint. First, search ibis Paint

on App Store or Google Play Store, and download a free version. Then

have a line drawing ready.

1. Tap My Gallery on title screen


Tap + on My Gallery

3. Tap Import Picture to load a line drawing

and adjust the loading position

4. Tap tool selection window


Tap filters

6. Tap Auto Paint

Then auto paint is executed. If

you want to use the color specification assist function, open the color

selection window, choose a brush color, and apply color by tapping

inside the line drawing. The result is nicer when you put color with a

series of tapping motions rather than specifying a color with long lines.

Fig. 2 shows the results of some line drawings to which auto paint and

color specification assist are applied. 6005695/en/ibis-mobile-Releases-Deep-Learning-Based-Auto-Paint-Drawing

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