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Landscape winner - 2016 Sony World Photography Awards - Pictures

The world's largest photography competition, the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards announced its Grand Prize winners.

Iranian photographer Asghar Khamseh, who works for the Mehr News Agency, won the "Iris d'Or Photographer of the Year and the $25,000 prize for a powerful series of portraits of acid attack victims, "Fire of Hatred."

< br>Here are the winners and finalists, chosen from a record-breaking 230,103 entries, in 14 documentary and fine art professional categories -- each judged on a body of work. They winners were selected from a Sprinkler System Installation Fort Worth shortlist, announced in February 2016. Winners and shortlisted work will be on exhibit at Somerset House, London from April 22-May 8, 2016.

Landscape winner - "Land of Nothingness"

Maroesjka Lavigne, Belgium

A country named after a desert. One of the least densely populated places on earth, Namibia's landscape draws you in, through a vast brown plain of scorched earth, and steers you over the white surface of a salt pan to finally arrive in the Sprinkler System Fort Worth gold tones of the sand dunes.


Washington court rules against florist in gay wedding case

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Washington Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that a florist who refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding broke the state's antidiscrimination law, even though she claimed doing so would violate her religious beliefs.

A lower court had fined Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in Richland, Washington, for denying service to a gay couple in 2013, and ordered her to pay a $1,000 fine.

Stutzman argued that she was exercising her First Amendment rights. But the court held that her floral arrangements do not constitute protected free speech, and that providing flowers to a same-sex wedding would not serve as an endorsement of same-sex marriage.

"As Stutzman acknowledged at deposition, providing flowers for a wedding between Muslims would not necessarily constitute an endorsement of Islam, nor would providing flowers for an atheist couple endorse atheism," the opinion said.

Stutzman's lawyers immediately said they would ask the U. S. Supreme Court to overturn the decision.

"It's wrong for the state to force any citizen to support a particular view about marriage or anything else against their will," Stutzman's attorney, Kristen Waggoner, wrote in a statement issued after the ruling. "Freedom of speech and religion aren't subject to the whim of a majority; they are constitutional guarantees."

It's one of several lawsuits around the country -- including some involving bakers -- about whether businesses can refuse to provide services over causes they disagree with, or whether they must serve everyone equally.

A Colorado case involving a baker who would not make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, according to Lambda Legal. In 2014, the court declined to hear an appeal of a case out of New Mexico that went against a photographer who denied a same-sex couple service.

Gov. Jay Inslee lauded Thursday's ruling, saying it was "in favor of equality for all Washingtonians."

"By ruling that intolerance based on sexual orientation is unlawful, the Court affirmed that Washington state will remain a place where no one can be discriminated against because of who they love," Inslee said in a written statement.

Stutzman had previously sold the couple flowers and knew they were gay. H owever, Stutzman told them that she couldn't provide flowers for their wedding because same-sex marriage was incompatible with her Christian beliefs.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the couple sued her, saying she broke state anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws, and the lower court agreed. The state's nine high court justices upheld that verdict.

The court rejected several arguments put forth by Stutzman, including the assertion that since other florists were willing to serve the couple, no harm occurred.

"As every other court to address the question has concluded, public accommodations laws do not simply guarantee access to goods or services. Instead, they serve a broader societal purpose: eradicating barriers to the equal treatment of all citizens in the commercial marketplace," the court wrote. "Were we to carve out a patchwork of ex ceptions for ostensibly justified discrimination, that purpose would be fatally undermined."

The case thrust the great-grandmother into the national spotlight and she testified before state lawmakers in Indiana and Kansas.

Michael Scott, a Seattle attorney who worked with the American Civil Liberties Union to represent Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed -- the couple denied the flowers -- had previously told justices he didn't believe Stutzman's floral creations constituted speech. By providing flowers for a same-sex marriage, he argued, "she's not endorsing same-sex marriage. She's selling what she sells."

Ferguson had said the state's argument rested on longstanding principle, and uprooting it would weaken antidiscrimination law.

After the arguments in the Supreme Court case last November, at a packed theater at Bellevue College, a large crowd of Stutzman's supporters greeted her outside, chanting her name and waving signs that said "Justice For Barronelle ."

In a February 2015 ruling, Benton County Superior Court Judge Alexander Ekstrom found that Stutzman's refusal to provide flowers because of sexual orientation violated Washington's anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws. The following month, Ekstrom ordered Stutzman to pay a $1,000 penalty to the state and $1 in costs and fees.

Stutzman entered the florist business 30 years ago, when her mother bought a flower shop.

At a press conference following the ruling, Ferguson said that under Washington law, a business is not required to provide a particular service, but if it does so for couples of the opposite sex, it must provide that service equally to same-sex couples. Ferguson noted that Stutzman is not currently selling wedding flowers, but if she were to resume that side of her business, she would not be allowed to sell to only heterosexual couples.

"The state Supreme Court has made that very clear," he said.

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Home Improvement :: 4 Major Components of a Kitchen Remodel

Have you been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen? Whether it be to create more space, update the look, or increase your home value, kitchen remodels are a great investment for your home. Here are 4 major components of a kitchen remodel:

1. Layout

The layout of your kitchen is one of the most, if not the most, important components of your kitchen remodel. Since kitchens often undergo so much usage, it is important that the work flow is efficient and works for your needs. Some experts say that a no-fail solution to efficient kitchens is the "work triangle." The work triangle was developed in the 1940's to examine the efficiency between the three major kitchen appliances: the refrigerator, sink, and stove. The "work triangle" is a great tool to use when planning your kitchen layout.

2. Materials and Finishes

The materials and finishes you choose will largely depend on your budget and personal preferences. Some major decisions that need to be made for a kitchen remodel include: countertop material, cabinetry, and flooring. Material options can dramatically range in prices, so it is important to do your research on each option. Some popular countertop materials include Best Home Improvement College Station granite, quartz, laminate, concrete, and marble. Flooring options range from ceramic tile, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, among many others. Cabinets are also available in a wide range of materials including: solid wood, plywood panel, aluminum, wood veneer, and polyethylene.

3. Lighting

Kitchens require lots of light for safety when cooking. Along with adding safety to your kitchen, lights can set the tone of the whole space. Like cabinets, flooring, and countertops, there are many lighting options for your kitchen. A good option for kitchens are several can lights, pendant lights over a bar/breakfast bar area, and under-cabinet lighting. Lighting is also a good way to make some energy-efficient choices through choosing LED or fluorescent bulbs.

4. Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can make or break a space. Some finishing touches to keep in mind are: paint color, seating options, backsplash, as well as other decorative items. A good rule of thumb is to contrast your cabinet color with your paint color to add some dimension to your space. For example, a d ark paint color paired with dark cabinetry could leave the room feeling too dark. Create the illusion of more light by choosing a lighter color. The same concept applies to your backsplash. Your backsplash should contrast with your cabinet and countertop, as well as add visual interest to the space. Don't be afraid to steer from subway tiles and choose a more decorative option. The finishing touches of the space are a great way to let your personality shine through.

There are many factors that have to be considered in a kitchen remodel, including: layout, materials, lighting, and the finishing touches. A kitchen remodel can be an overwhelming and stressful project if it is not planned out, which is why it is important to get a professional's opinion and guidance. If you are considering a kitchen remodel for your home, feel free to call Balducci Additions and Remodeling to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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Home & Garden - InfoBarrel

Stop Zika: San Francisco Plant (Codiaeum variegatum) Kills Mosquito Eggs and LarvaeWouldn't you know it, a teen has found a way to kill mosquito eggs and larvae within Sprinkler System Denton 24 hours by using a common plant. What's more, the San Francisco plant (aka Codiaeum variegatum aka Garden Croton or Variegated Croton) is super easy to grow indoors and outdoors. It requires hardly any care. I even included a handy make-your-own plant extract recipe to kill mosquito eggs and larvae in and around your own home. Fortunately, on Zazzle, this plant is available for purchase from a reputable, customer-support Sprinkler System Installation based company (so I included it within this article).

How to Make a Simple Greenhouse Automatic Watering System

An automatic watering system for the greenhouse doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, they are very simple to make, and once set up, will allow you to get on with other things, or even go on vacation, knowing that your plants will not shrivel up and die through lack of water while you are away.

Greenhouse plants, as we all know, need regular and frequent waterings especially during the hotter days of spring and summer.

When you think of irrigation systems, especially automated ones, you think of lengths of tubing and expensive timers, all connected to the water supply that you may or may not have in your greenhouse.

With the system outlined in the video above, you can carry the water into the greenhouse from elsewhere, as once it is in the container you choose to use as a reservoir, it will only need the occasional topping up.

The bigger the reservoir, the less often you will need to replenish the water.

On top of the bench place a double layer of black polythene, making sure it reaches all the sides. This is to stop water from draining away naturally.

Place the capillary matting on top of this.

Attach the hose to the pump, and place in reservoir.

Fill the reservoir with water until it is around three quarters full.

Plug the pump into your timer switch, and set it to come on for a minute or two, twice day, or more often if you live in an area of extreme heat.

Each time the pump runs, water from the reservoir will wash over all the capillary matting area, then return to the water container it came from, minus, of course, what your plants have drank and a little bit more that is absorbed by the matting.

It takes typically less than a minute to thoroughly wet the whole area, in what could be called a flood wash watering.

You can even add liquid fertilizer to the water, to make sure your plants have all the nutrients they need.

This automatic irrigation system is simple to set up, inexpensive to prepare and run, and absolutely anybody could put it together, no matter how untechnically minded you are.

Go ahead and fit one up - your plants will love you for it!

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Rose Law Files Federal Lawsuit Against Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a federal class

action lawsuit filed last month, six professional fire sprinkler

fitters who worked for Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company, a subsidiary of

Kiewit Corporation, allege they were denied payment under the California

Labor Code of minimum prevailing wages, overtime wages, travel, daily

subsistence, health and welfare payments for work on at least five large

commercial construction projects. Rose Law also alleges the workers were

denied mandatory rest periods, and Aero failed to employ apprentice fire

sprinkler fitters on the public works projects, as required by

California law.

According to Rose Law, Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company has its

principal place of business in Phoenix, Arizona, maintains a branch

office Califor nia, and performs sprinkler work all over the United

States. Aero is wholly owned by Kiewit Corporation, an international

construction, engineering and mining company with North American

headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Kiewit is one of the largest

construction companies in the world. Aero has filed a Corporate

Disclosure Statement and Certificate of Interest in the federal lawsuit

on behalf of its parent Kiewit Corporation.

Rose Law alleges the workers installed fire sprinklers on private jobs,

including Sprinkler System Installation Richardson Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks,

California and San Jose Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California,

and on public works projects including California Department of Veterans

Affairs (CalVet) Home in Fresno, CA and California Polytechnic

University (CalPoly) Center for Science in San Luis Obispo, California.

Any current or former employee of Aero may contact Rose Law for more


The lawsuit, brought under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the

California Sprinkler System Installation Richardson Labor Code, and California's Unfair Business Practices Act,

seeks unspecified damages for the six named workers plus all other fire

sprinkler fitters employed by Aero during the last four years.

About Rose

Law -- Working Hard for Working People(TM)

The workers are represented by trial lawyers Joe

Rose and Lisa

Bradner of Rose Law, APC in Gold River, California. Rose and Bradner

help employees and unions in labor law matters involving unpaid wages

and overtime, illegal discrimination, retaliation and catastrophic

injury. Joe Rose, a former firefighter, was named a Northern California

Super Lawyers Rising Star again in 2014 and teaches employment law at

Lincoln Law School of Sacramento.

Rose Law Files Federal Lawsuit Against Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a federal class

action lawsuit filed last month, six professional fire sprinkler

fitters who worked for Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company, a subsidiary of

Kiewit Corporation, allege they were denied payment under the California

Labor Code of minimum prevailing wages, overtime wages, travel, daily

subsistence, health and welfare payments for work on at least five large

commercial construction projects. Rose Law also alleges the workers were

denied mandatory rest periods, and Aero failed to employ apprentice fire

sprinkler fitters on the public works projects, as required by

California law.

According to Rose Law, Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company has its

principal place of business in Phoenix, Arizona, maintains a branch

office California, and performs sprinkler work all over the United

States. Aero is wholly owned by Kiewit Corporation, an international

construction, engineering and mining company with North American

headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Kiewit is one of the largest

construction companies in the world. Aero has filed a Corporate

Disclosure Statement and Certificate of Interest in the federal lawsuit

on behalf of its parent Kiewit Corporation.

Rose Law alleges the workers installed fire sprinklers on private jobs,

including Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks,

California and San Jose Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California,

and on public works projects including California Department of Veterans

Affairs (CalVet) Home in Fresno, CA and California Polytechnic

University (CalPoly) Center for Science in San Luis Obispo, California.

Any current or fo rmer employee of Aero may contact Rose Law for more


The lawsuit, brought under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the

California Labor Code, and California's Unfair Business Practices Act,

seeks unspecified damages for the six named workers plus all other fire

sprinkler fitters employed by Aero during the last four years.

About Rose

Law -- Working Hard for Working People(TM)

The workers are represented by trial lawyers Joe

Rose and Lisa

Bradner of Rose Law, APC in Gold River, California. Rose and Bradner

help employees and unions in labor law matters involving unpaid wages

and overtime, illegal discrimination, retaliation and catastrophic

injury. Joe Rose, a former firefighter, was named a Northern California

Super Lawyers Rising Star again in 2014 and teaches employment law at

Lincoln Law School of Sacramento.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Rose Law Files Federal Lawsuit Against Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a federal class

action lawsuit filed last month, six professional fire sprinkler

fitters who worked for Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company, a subsidiary of

Kiewit Corporation, allege they were denied payment under the California

Labor Code of minimum prevailing wages, overtime wages, travel, daily

subsistence, health and welfare payments for work on at least five large

commercial construction projects. Rose Law also alleges the workers were

denied mandatory rest periods, and Aero failed to employ apprentice fire

sprinkler fitters on the public works projects, as required by

California law.

According to Rose Law, Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company has its

principal place of business in Phoenix, Arizona, maintains a branch

office California, a nd performs sprinkler work all over the United

States. Aero is wholly owned by Kiewit Corporation, an international

construction, engineering and mining company with North American

headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Kiewit is one of the largest

construction companies in the world. Aero has filed a Corporate

Disclosure Statement and Certificate of Interest in the federal lawsuit

on behalf of its parent Kiewit Corporation.

Rose Law alleges the workers installed fire sprinklers on private jobs,

including Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks,

California and San Jose Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California,

and on public works projects including California Department of Veterans

Affairs (CalVet) Home in Fresno, CA and California Polytechnic

University (CalPoly) Center for Science in San Luis Obispo, California.

Any current or former employee of Aero may contact Ro se Law for more


The lawsuit, brought under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the

California Labor Code, and California's Unfair Business Practices Act,

seeks unspecified damages for the six named workers plus all other fire

sprinkler fitters employed by Aero during the last four years.

About Rose

Law -- Working Hard for Working People(TM)

The workers are represented by trial lawyers Joe

Rose and Lisa

Bradner of Rose Law, APC in Gold River, California. Rose and Bradner

help employees and unions in labor law matters involving unpaid wages

and overtime, illegal discrimination, retaliation and catastrophic

injury. Joe Rose, a former firefighter, was named a Northern California

Super Lawyers Rising Star again in 2014 and teaches employment law at

Lincoln Law School of Sacramento.

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U.s. Laws And Regulations To Be Amended Lithium - Lithium Battery - Electronics Industry

Lithium Battery All requests by the United States will export dangerous goods packaging, transportation, the United States recently announced that the draft regulations will directly affect China Lithium Battery Exports. Yesterday, "the U.S. lithium battery packaging, shipping TBT notification council" held in Shenzhen Guest House, experts, and enterprises to actively respond and will put forward their own amendments to the draft, as much as possible to reduce and avoid possible trade losses.

The United States to change the lithium battery regulations

It is understood, February 12, 2010, the United States issued by the secretariat WTO lithium battery packaging and transport requirements on the draft regulations TBT notification, to be removed "dangerous substances regulations" in terms of the exemption of small lithium batteries, the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with all lithium batteries. The briefing will increase upon implementation of the lithium-ion b attery packaging and transport costs, affect the healthy development of the battery industry and foreign trade.

According Power supply Trade associations relevant information, our annual output of lithium-ion batteries after Japan and South Korea, ranked third in the world. According to statistics, to lithium-ion batteries as the representative of China's secondary battery accounted for 12.5% global market share of lithium-ion battery production in Guangdong accounts for about two-thirds of the country's total production, Shenzhen is China's largest lithium battery production base and export base. Emerged in Shenzhen BYD, BAK, B & K and other leading companies, the top ten in the domestic lithium battery, Shenzhen enterprises accounted for half of the country.

How to reasonably protect their interests? Yesterday, commissioned by the State, by the standards of the Shenzhen Municipal Court notified the contractor of the TBT Council was held in Shenzhen Guest House, Comme rce, State Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Communications, China Battery Industry Association, the Air Transport Association, and representatives of key enterprises, some comments on the draft together Best Attorney to form the Government's written comments on behalf of my views, will be submitted to inform the country of issuance, follow-up negotiation as a technical basis, the maximum extent possible to reduce and prevent the possible loss of trade.

"TBT council to" show the Chinese point of view

"Response on foreign trade barriers, we are a passive response from the initial stage, to actively participate in change, that is, to put forward our comments on the draft opinion, to reconsider the issue of the country, in this respect, China's voice and influence is getting < a href="">Best Attorney stronger. "WTO Secretary of Commerce on behalf of Na Liu introduced the formation of consultative advice, my advice would be on the one hand to comments issued by States in the form of reports to the other, will be transferred to the Chinese ambassador to the United States Embassy United States Government, while also The TBT next briefing to discuss the full expression of the views of the Chinese government and enterprises, for the regulations to minimize the impact of our industry.

AQSIQ director Wang Li Zhou TBT study also introduced, "TBT appraisal technology is become an effective means of dealing with trade." To him, the WTO provides that any WTO / TBT (World Trade Organization Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade) Member States trade in the product introduction of new standards, new regulations, draft regulations must be notified to the Member States, the countries of their product technology int roduced new standards, new regulations have comments, suggestions rights in order to eliminate all non- reasonable international trade barriers, establish a rational and fair international trade order and rules. In recent years, about 1,700 each year a number of countries have made public the draft regulations.

Present, China has been actively involved in deliberations of the draft, expressing the voice of the Chinese government and enterprises. It is understood that the draft last year, 200 Chinese comments, in which more than 50 comments to this notification, of which five were accepted. Review the current draft includes the State, the draft key trading countries; and draft related to our key products; related to chemical safety in the draft and so on.

Experts suggest that companies involved from the start

It is understood that the draft releas ed each year, the large number of countries and many sectors, the state can only focus areas, key countries to comment on the draft although some at the national level are not included in the list of priorities comments, but once implemented it will be some industries and regions have a significant impact, this proposal Wang Li Zhou, associations and enterprises from passive acceptance of foreign trade regulations, to play ahead of quantity, time tracking related to the draft, the draft, if that does not produce a fair or on the industry significant impact, through the appropriate channels active response towards the adoption of the draft impact of the introduction of appraisal.

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After Hamas decade, Gaza short on freedom, jobs, electricity

Grim records mark the 10th anniversary of Hamas rule in Gaza -- the longest-ever daily electricity and water cuts, 60 percent youth unemployment, and a rising backlog of thousands waiting for a rare chance to exit the blockaded territory.

Unable to offer a remedy, the Islamic militant group has been doubling down on oppression. It has jailed the few who dare complain publicly, including the young organizers of a street protest against power cuts and an author who wrote on Facebook that "life is only pleasant for Hamas leaders."

Polls show almost half the people would leave altogether if they could, but that support for the group, despite three short, devastating wars with Israel, is steady at around a third. With potential opponents crushed, there is no obvious path to regime change.

Meanwhile, for most of Gaza's 2 million people, life is bound to get worse.

The international http://www.hom isolation of Hamas, which refuses to recognize Israel, will likely continue -- and with it the border blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt after the group seized Gaza in June 2007.

A new political program that Hamas hoped would mollify the West and Arab nations instead underscored its ideological rigidity; while softer in tone, the manifesto reaffirms a call to armed struggle and the creation of an Islamic state in historic Palestine, including what is now Israel.

There are also signs that one of Hamas' remaining foreign backers, Qatar, is in trouble. On Monday, four Arab countries cut ties with the Gulf nation, in part over its support of Islamist groups, such as Hamas. Qatar reportedly asked several Hamas leaders-in-exile to leave.

Hamas also faces financial pressure by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose f orces it drove from Gaza a decade ago. Fed up with failed reconciliation efforts, the West Bank-based Abbas has warned he would cut more Gaza subsidies, such as electricity payments.

Hamas spokesman Salah Bardaweel dismissed suggestions Hamas should step aside, but acknowledged a deal to improve Gaza's lot is unlikely as long as the 82-year-old Abbas, who runs autonomous enclaves in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, remains in power.

He said Hamas was never given a chance to govern. "How do you hold someone accountable for a failure he did not create?" he said, referring to the blockade.

Bardaweel was recently skewered on social media after asserting Gaza will remain "steadfast."

Local writer Abdullah Abu Sharekh landed in jail after writing on Facebook that "people are not steadfast."

"They cannot do anything because you (Hamas) rule Gaza with iro n and fire ... you brought Gaza back to the Middle Ages," he wrote.

After his release Saturday, he wrote that he was deprived of sleep for five days and forced to stand for long periods or sit on small chairs.

Stirrings of unrest are quashed.

A trio of unemployed friends in their 20s from the town of Beit Lahiya said Hamas has harassed them since they mobilized thousands in a rare street protest against chronic power cuts in January. They said they've been detained, beaten and repeatedly summoned to security compounds.

Activist Mohammed al-Taluli, 25, said pressure built again several weeks ago as daily rolling power cuts worsened, with four hours of electricity followed by outages of 14 to 18 hours. Al-Taluli said he and his friends received death threats to deter them from protesting, and that it was effective because no one can protect them from Hamas.

"People are asking us every day if we are planning a new demonstration," al-Taluli said, speaking in a room decorated with photos of revolutionary idols like Che Guevara. "But ... we are afraid."

Palestinian rights groups say Hamas practices mirror those of its West Bank rivals. Both governments have carried out arbitrary arrests and mistreated detainees, and both monitor social media and civil society to silence dissent.

Hamas leaders often tolerate criticism by well-known figures, but strike back when they detect a threat to their rule, said Samir Zakout of the Gaza rights group al-Mezan.

Over the past decade, Hamas has also executed 28 people, most of them alleged informers, after trials widely condemned as a sham. This includes three men executed last month, after a field tribunal tried them in less than a week.

The three had been accused of involvement in killing a Hamas leader, Mazen Faqha, near his apartment building in March. Hamas violent ly interrogated dozens of people and claimed this netted dozens of informers.

Relatives of one of the three who were killed, 38-year-old Abdullah al-Nashar, said they believe he had indeed collaborated with Israel, lured by an Israeli exit permit from Gaza. But Al-Nashar's father, Ahmed, said his son had nothing to do with the Faqha killing and didn't deserve to die.

Hamas' rise to power was fueled by frustration with corruption during the rule of Abbas' Fatah movement. Hamas also rejected Fatah's attempt to negotiate Palestinian statehood on lands Israel captured in 1967, including Gaza.

In 2006, months after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, Hamas defeated Fatah in parliamentary elections. Subsequent failed attempts to negotiate a power-sharing deal and Hamas-Fatah street fighting culminated in the June 2007 Hamas takeover of Gaza.

Ahmed al-Nashar, 63, said he had voted for Hamas hoping "they would do something good in the name of religion," but has concluded "there is no future here with these people."

Hamas said it was sabotaged from the start.

Israel and Egypt, citing security concerns, enforced a crushing border blockade, banning most movement and exports. Three Israel-Hamas wars, in part triggered by a Hamas arms buildup, further devastated the territory and its economy.

Meanwhile, the international community stuck to its initial conditions for dealing with Hamas, including renouncing violence, even as it called for lifting the blockade.

This leaves Gazans in a miserabl e limbo.

"Our life is just a long series of waiting," said Abed Meqdad, a teacher. "You wait for electricity to come, for the crossing to reopen, for the situation to improve, and nothing gets done."

For weeks, dozens of Palestinians have rallied at the fence separating Israel from Gaza, hurling rocks at the soldiers stationed on the Israeli side in protest of their dire living conditions.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra said a Palestinian was killed there on Tuesday. The Israeli military said soldiers fired warning shots in the air after Palestinians tried to damage the fence.

Getting 'Ghosted' on Lawn Care Can Be Costly Video

Transcript for Getting 'Ghosted' on Lawn Care Can Be Costly

America" on the lookout. This morning, we're focusing on ghosting. Where customers claim that workers pretend to do work they never did. ABC's linsey Davis has the story on how people say they're being ripped off. Reporter: Across the country, homeowners distraught that the grass isn't always greener when lawn care service allegedly goes wrong, turning their green glory into a bound disgrace, some taking their complaints to youtube. This was a mistake. Reporter: But it's not just complaints about work being done, sometimes it's about no work being done Sprinkler System Installation Mckinney at all and still Biddle for their service. What some called "Ghosting." This area looks completely dead to me. Reporter: This Florida resident's surveillance cameras were rolli ng when a trugreen pest control worker showed up. Maintain my lawn and they violated my trust. Reporter: Watch. The worker returns to his truck and before leaving drops the flag on the grass before Sprinkler System Mckinney providing any work. He's not allow. Watch this 2010 instant caught on tape. A Lauren care service worker leaving a flag on the lawn all for nothing. In 2014, the better business bureau received more than 5,000 complaints for a variety of reasons. Average customer spent $700 annually. Including upkeep visits like his cameras recorded. They fired the employee and refund ed the customer. They issued a statement -- he did some green after all, back in his pocket. For those who are seeing red because they don't have grass that looks like this, grass that green the better business bureau say it's tough to prov e ghosting, if you can, they recommend installing a camera. Lara. Linsey Davis, thank you so much. Coming up on "Good morning America" -- sunny days ahead for

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

ibis mobile Releases Deep-Learning-Based Auto Paint for Drawing App ibis Paint

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ibis mobile inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President/CEO: Eiji

Kamiya) released an additional function for social drawing app ibis

Paint. Using deep learning, the function enables automatic painting

based on line drawings.

Watch how auto paint works

ibis Paint, a popular social drawing app with 8 million downloads, now

features deep-learning-based automatic painting for line drawings. On

the ibis Paint social site, many artworks are posted every day, with

more than 600 thousand user-created works on the server. We selected

about 300 thousand artworks suitable for deep learning from over 600

thousand posts, performed some image processing of the artworks in

advance and used them to develop the new function through several months

of trial and error-based research and development by using AWS's machin e

learning cloud server (P2 instance) in Oregon in the U.S.

For users, this is a new art tool that is expected to enable new ways of

expression. After the release, users' posts on the ibis Paint social

site are expected to help us understand their drawing trend, which will

lead to higher accuracy and better recognition of diverse line drawings

of people, objects, and landscapes.

The current function can recognize people's face, hair, eye, cheek, and

mouth, and lines between people and objects. Not all of these are

painted with colors that users expect. An assist function addresses this

situation, allowing users to specify colors. With this, users can paint

in a short period of time.

This is our first commercial function that leverages deep learning. We

plan to continue research to enable new ways of expression and labor

saving using deep learning for drawing. Ultimately, we aim to develop

artificial intelligence that assists professional cartoonists,

illustrators, and animation creators to save labor and improve


Fig. 1 shows how to experience AI auto paint. First, search ibis Paint

on App Store or Google Play Store, and download a free version. Then

have a line drawing ready.

1. Tap My Gallery on title screen


Tap + on My Gallery

3. Tap Import Picture to load a line drawing

and adjust the loading position

4. Tap tool selection window


Tap filters

6. Tap Auto Paint

Then auto paint is executed. If

you want to use the color specification assist function, open the color

selection window, choose a brush color, and apply color by tapping

inside the line drawing. The result is nicer when you put color with a

series of tapping motions rather than specifying a color with long lines.

Fig. 2 shows the results of some line drawings to which auto paint and

color specification assist are applied. 6005695/en/ibis-mobile-Releases-Deep-Learning-Based-Auto-Paint-Drawing

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Home Renovation: 3 Rules for Hiring Contractors

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Today, like the end of a Disney movie, you and your spouse are homecoming queen and high school quarterback, and those nail bangers are just praying you'll ask them to the dance. Wouldn't payback be sweet?

Hold that thought. You still have to live with the work your contractor does, and humiliating him isn't a great Best Remodeling Company way to get the results you want. Instead, leverage your newfound economic power to get renovations done better, cheaper, and faster.

Tampa Bay negotiation trainer Robert Levine recently saved about 40 percent from the estimated cost of upgrading his lake house -- adding a 600-square-foot deck, wood floors, and new windows.

After telling prospective contractors upfront that he'd discuss the competing bids with them, a price war broke out. Next, Levine divided the jobs into smaller segments, so he could work directly with some of the subcontractors. The result: a total bill of $77,000, versus the $125,000 to $133,000 initial bids. What's more, Levine got better-quality windows than he expected. And because the contractors had plenty of room in their schedules, he got the work done at his convenience.

To score similar savings, you may need to hurry.

True, contractors' labor costs are down about 10 percent from their 2007 peak, according to Angie Hicks, founder of the Angie's List home services directory. But business is picking up., a site connecting homeowners with home service professionals, says remodeling project requests are up 49 percent from a year ago. And a recent American Express survey said 72 percent of affluent homeowners planned to make home improvements in 2010.

Don't make the bubble-era mistake of thinking that a renovation is an investment that will provide a big payoff when you sell the house. There's no guarantee it will. You should only redo your kitchen because you want a new kitchen, not because you think some future buyer will pay lots more for your Sub-Zeroed, Viking-ranged house.

That said, it's worth keeping in mind which types of home renovations are most likely to pay off: new floors; cosmetic changes in kitchens; minor bathroom remodels; new closets and energy upgrades. Uncle Sam will lend a hand on that last one: You can claim federal energy tax credits of up to 30 percent of the cost of certain home improvements, up to $1,500, if they're completed by December 31, 2010.

To save on a home improvement project, follow these rules for hiring a contractor:

1. Flash Your Cash

With credit tight these days, cash truly is king. So if you've got money in hand for your project, contractors will be willing to give on price. They know they won't have to wait for your loan approval, so they'll get paid faster.

You can likely trim 5 to 10 percent just by announcing you have the money and wa nt the contractor to start immediately. (For small jobs, pay in installments as the job is completed. For major projects, deposit the money in an escrow account that the contractor can access as key milestones are achieved. )

For a high-end project, ask for higher quality materials or free extras. Your contractor might agree to a no-cost upgrade from oak cabinets to birch, for example. Or you could insist on not being charged extra if you're having the entire interior painted and want faux finish in one room. If you're having a dining room wallpapered, you might ask the contractor to do the foyer at no additional cost.

For a low-end, low-ego project calling for off-the-shelf fixtures and finishes, drive down the cost of labor and materials. For example, you should be able to negotiate 10 percent off a straightforward job such as transforming a basement into livable space.

Regardless of the scope of the project, if you're paying in cash, pres s for a guaranteed finish date with financial penalties for overtime. Push to have especially disruptive phases of the job -- such as the days when the water will be turned off -- to occur on your timetable. This is an especially prime area for negotiation if you want a particular contractor but hesitate to press too hard on price for fear of losing him.

2. Make the Competition Fair but Stiff

Before putting the project out for bid, nail down your specific requests so the offers you get will be apples to apples. Get model numbers of your preferred appliances; brand names and shades of paint; and exact measurements of your rooms.

Consider requiring your job be broken into phases, with stand-alone bids for each. Specify that you reserve the final signoff on material prices before the contractor buys any building products. This will give you flexibility in negotiating each component and let you see how the materials and labor costs compare for each segment. Then you can leave the door open for a last-minute price adjustment.

You can renegotiate as you go along or even call back another contractor later if your original contractor disappoints. Since material costs have been dropping, if a later phase of your project calls for a big order, you might be able to renegotiate at a lower cost.

Get at least five bids, since contractors are more prone to bid than a few years back. Chances are you'll have at least one outlier, most likely one who's extremely low. Eliminate that one, since it's likely based on fault y or deceptive assumptions.

Be realistic about what your job will really cost. The survey found that, in the past year, most homeowners having renovations done underestimated the cost by 20 to 49 percent.

To weed out your finalists:

Speak to customers from projects they completed in the last year (i.e., post-bubble) whose budgets and projects were like yours.

Confirm that the contractor has at least several years of renovation experience. With new-home construction in the doldrums, many home builders are turning to renovation. But working on an existing home, with its welter of add-ons and changes, requires Best Remodeling Company different skills than building from scratch.

Check local court records for liens and lawsuits against your prospective contractors and the subcontractors they'll be using. A spate of filings means a company is probably having cash flow problems. You can check municipal, district, and circuit court records, including pending complaints and lawsuits, by searching for the courts for your county or state.

Be sure the contractors' licenses, bonding and other paperwork are current and paid. You can find out by going to the Web sites of your state and municipal licensing boards.

3. Don't Be Rude

Yes, you have the upper hand now with contractors. But use it for a high five, not a slapdown.

After all, you want a good working relationship -- you'll be living in the house long after the contractor is gone. Nasty, relentless dickering over price can result in cut corners and shaved quality, says Holly Schroth, who teaches executive negotiations at the Haas School of Business of University of California-Berkeley.

Schroth also speaks from personal experience. A year ago, she completed a major home renovation. She figured her project was the start of a long-term relationship, and negotiated accordi ngly, pushing for an earlier completion date rather than a rock-bottom price. Her strategy is paying off. When Schroth had to replace her microwave recently, her contractor dropped by and installed it for free. "Figure out what the best deal means to you," says Schroth. "It doesn't mean that you necessarily get the lowest price."

During your friendly, but business-like, negotiation, offer a range of deal points instead of one hard line for the project's overall cost. "You have to leave room for them to save face," says Schroth.

Then, Schroth suggests, if the contractor you prefer wants to charge more than another worthy candidate, say: "Somebody else I like is offering a better price, but I'd rather have you." Flattery just might get you your dream home.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

If you're considering working with a landscape designer, finding the right fit -- and avoiding surprises midway through the project -- is largely about knowing which questions to ask upfront and being familiar with the range of services these professionals provide.

We reached out to four seasoned landscape professionals -- Peter Reader of Peter Reader Landscapes in London, Beth Mullins of Growsgreen Landscape Design in San Francisco, John Algozzini Sprinklers of K&D Landscape Management in Chicago and June Scott of June Scott Design in Southern California -- to get the inside scoop on the range of services available and the 10 essential questions potential clients should ask before hiring a professional for the job.

First, get your ducks in a row. Before reaching out to a professional, write a wish list for your garden remodel, establish your priorities and budget, and decide which parts of the process you'd like to hire a pro for help. With this on paper, you'll have a clear sense of what you're looking for in a designer before you begin to contact professionals.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

1. What services do you offer? First and foremost, determine what services a landscape designer offers to see if he or she is the right person for your project."The best question a potential client can ask is: 'Are you experienced with the scope of work we want, and can you design and manage it?'" Algozzini says.

Generally speaking, landscape designers fall into one of three categories, depending on the services they offer:

Design only. Some designers specialize only in the design process. This typically includes a site analysis and discussion of a client's needs, a preliminary design, revisions based on your feedback, and a final detailed master plan for your garden. This detailed planting plan and construction document is then handed over to you ( or a landscape contractor of your choosing) to take it from there.

Design-build. Others offer the design service described above, as well as overseeing plant purchase and all installation. Contractors are needed for permitting and hardscape installation -- sometimes the landscape designer is also a registered contractor, and other times they have landscape contractors on their team or ones to recommend and oversee.

RELATED: Choose From the Best Design-Build Firms

Full service -- design-build and maintenance program. For the highest-touch service, some landscape designers will offer all the above, plus oversee ongoing maintenance of the garden.

2. Can I see examples of your past work? "Consider the style of the designer in relation to the garden you want," Reader says. "If you want a modern, clean-lined city garden, have they designed any before? Or if you are looking for a cottage-style garden, do they have the plant knowledge to deliver?"

Alternat ively, if a designer's portfolio doesn't include the particular style you're looking for, check out his or her credentials for evidence of the training to make the vision of your garden a reality. Degrees from accredited landscape design colleges and memberships in professional organizations are both good indicators.

3. Do you offer garden consultations? Some landscape designers will offer one- to two-hour garden consultations. During this meeting, a designer will typically come over to your property, join you for a walk around the garden, listen to what you'd like to accomplish with your remodel and begin to bounce some ideas around for the design.

This is a great opportunity for you to determine whether you have a fit with the designer, and for the designer to see if he or she fits with you as a client. "It is important for a client to determine what role they want to play," Mullins says. "Are they interested in a collaboration, [want to] defer completely to the designer or have a clear idea for their garden and just want someone to implement it?"

Don't expect an initial consult to be free of charge -- it is, after all, two hours of a professional's time -- though some designers will put the consult fee toward the cost of the design if you end up hiring them.

4. What ideas do you have for our garden? After you've shared your wish list and budget with the designer, and the designer has had a chance to view your property, ask what vision the designer has for your landscape. Designers have different mediums of presenting their ideas for your landscape, ranging from a collage-style mood board with inspiration images for plants and hardscape materials to a two-dimensional, to-scale drawing created with a CAD program or by hand.

This is the time to speak up about what you like and dislike in the design or if you see anything that's missing from your wish list -- for example, more space for tool storage, room to grow vegetables or an area with shade. Following this meeting, a designer will draw up a revised design drawing based on your feedback.

5. What is your process? A designer's process depends on the services he or she offers (see question 1). Get to know the process -- and whether you or the designer is responsible for overseeing each step -- from the beginning so that you'll know what to expect once the project is underway. If you're hiring a designer who specializes in design only, ask yourself whether you have the time or experience necessary to oversee the project installation or if the designer has contractors to recommend.

As a responsible client, you also need to be honest with a landscape designer regarding your budget for the project. "Knowing a budget beforehand is crucial," Mullins says . "It doesn't mean that a designer needs to spend the budget but dictates what [he or she] can realistically design for." If a look you like is over your budget, designers often have creative ways to stretch your budget and give you the best garden for your space.

6. What is the estimated cost? Clear communication regarding the estimated cost of the project and your budget is essential. Ask your designer for a range of cost for both the design and the installation. Most installation estimates are drawn up by a contractor based on the cost per square foot of installing areas of hardscape outlined on the plan for the yard.

Scott shares another key question to ask your designer: "How are changes in scope handled during the design and installation process?" Given that unanticipated design changes often come up midproject, it's important to be clear on whether a designer will charge additional fees for the time it takes to change the design plan or installation.

7. A re there any ways to reduce cost? Pathways, patios, retaining walls and decks are generally more expensive than planted garden areas, so the more hardscape there is in the design, the more it's likely going to cost to install. Plus, the materials used for hardscape can vary widely for both the product and the installation.

It's best to have a conversation with a designer when you are discussing the initial plan about ways to reduce the cost of the landscape to stay on budget. The designer will have ideas about where you can save money without compromising style, and what elements are worth a splurge.

8. How long will installation take? The time it takes to design and install a landscape depends on a number of factors: size and scope of the project, availability of contractors and other installation specialists, ordering and delivery times for materials and plants, dry weather fo r laying hardscape, and unexpected setbacks during installation. Instead of asking a landscape designer to have the installation done by a certain date, ask for an estimated range for the project to be completed.

As eager as you may be to enjoy your new landscape, keep in mind that skilled installation of hardscape and careful planting takes time. "While landscaping on TV is inspirational and great entertainment, the actual site work rarely has a team of 24 [people] working around the clock," Algozzini says. "High-quality work is both art and science, and takes time to install."

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9. When will the garden grow in? The time it takes for a garden to grow in depends on the scope of the design, what types of plants are proposed and how mature the plants are when they're planted. A smaller area with ornamental grasses and perennials can grow in within a single season, but larger and more complex designs with trees and large shrubs can take years to reach maturity. Ask your designer which plants make sense to splurge for semimature specimens (like focal-point trees or shrubs needed for screening) and which plants can be purchased small and fill in quickly (like most ground covers, vegetables and ornamental grasses).

10. How much maintenance will it take to keep the garden looking good? Different styles of gardens and plants require very different levels of care. Be upfront with your landscape designer about how much maintenance you are willing to commit -- either your ow n time or that of a hired gardener -- going forward. Once you've invested in hiring a landscape designer and installing a garden, you'll want to keep your landscape alive and flourishing for years to come. Ask your landscape designer if he or she has recommended maintenance gardeners or specialists to take care of the garden going forward.

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Landscape Paper-101 - InfoBarrel

Use landscape-paper where you want to kill weeds. Cover the landscape-paper with mulch; the paper rots down after a year, allowing you to hoe the ground to keep those weeds under control.

Some weeds need light to germinate, to start growing. All plants need light to keep growing. Even perennial, deep-rooted weeds like dock weed will exhaust their stored food supply and die if they cannot photosynthesise because light is excluded.

Mulch does a good job of excluding any light; it also stops wind blown seeds from reaching the ground and rooting. Mulch however will not stop deep-rooted weeds from growing through it.

The mulch needs something underneath if it is to have any chance of stopping dock weed or dandelions. Weed control fabric is designed to do that job. It does so very well, but weed control fabric allows wind blown seeds to put Sprinkler System Installation Mckinney roots down, through it, to the soil. These weeds cannot then be removed by hoeing, because the fabric stops the hoe cutting off the weed just below ground level.

landscape-paper is a new, lower cost, alternative to weed control fabric.

You roll out the landscape-paper onto your vegetable or flower garden. You cut 3 inch diameter holes in it and plant your annuals, cabbages and onions through the holes. Cover the landscape-paper with mulch and you have an attractive looking and totally weed-free vegetable garden or annual border.

landscape-paper comes in rolls 3 feet wide and 25 feet long. It is a pale brown color and it is biodegradable. The paper only lasts one season, but its low cost means that replacing it next season is no big deal.

For those who are growing organically landscape-paper is certified as suitable for growing organic vegetables because it contains no bleach or artificial additives.

If landscape-paper is not available where you live there are similar alternatives you might consider using.

Woodchip wallpaper is the first alternative, low cost, non-bleached paper with splinters stuck in it. It will cover the ground in exactly the same way and rot down into the soil after a year. Wallpaper rolls are only about 2 feet wide though, so by the time you have done more overlapping than with the wider landscape-paper your savings will be minimal.

The paper underlay designed for underneath carpets might be a better alternative. It has no splinters in it and it is usually 6 feet wide, meaning less is wasted through overlaps.

Sheets of newspaper will also do the same job of separating mulch from soil, but these will not stop deep-rooted weeds in the same way as the others will. Use color printed newspaper if Mckinney Sprinkler System you want them to rot down more slowly.

You can also use newspaper sheets where you are laying turf. Just put the newspaper down on top of the raked soil. Weigh them down with stones and leave them for a month. Most of the weeds will have died by the end of the month and you can just roll the turf out on top of the newspaper.

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Meet The Weathermatic Ct70 Rotary Sprinkler

The Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler is a gear driven rotor sprinkler for use with large turf areas. This is an upgraded rotary sprinkler and has more capacity to handle business areas like parks, schools and other community buildings. The Weathermatic CT70 Rotary Sprinkler is four inches in pop-up height. It has one inch female thread inlet on the bottom and a rubber cover for safety. It also comes with a safety clutch that prevents gear stripping whenever you start turning the turret by hand. This style of rotary sprinkler is a part circle model and it can adjust from 40 degrees to 360 degrees.

The Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler also has an internal screen, a wiper seal, a stainless steel spring and adjustment screw. The sprinkler set comes with five nozzles, a well oiled drive unit and a built-in check valve. There are some protective parts to th e rotary sprinkler, like a cover lock that protects against vandalism and a non-potable cover, for use with systems that use reclaimed water. Lastly, there is a stainless steel sleeve that protects pop up riser stem.

Now that you know the specifications of the Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler system, what does all of this mean? Rotary sprinklers are a type of garden or lawn sprinkler and spray water from the tips of two or three spray arms. These arms spin as the sprinkler waters the entire site. Depending on what type of rotary sprinkler you buy, these arms may be fixed or have adjustable tips. Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler system is designed for large turf areas, which is unusual, since most rotary sprinklers are made for small to medium sized areas. Deluxe units for rotary sprinklers provide three adjustments: mist or jet spray by turning the nozzles, or a spray diameter which is made possible by swiveling the nozzles in or out; or by stationary watering.

The Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler has extended bearing surface area heavy duty bearings. This allows the part to offer Sprinkler System extended life span and protection from winterizing procedures that use compressed air. This unit also has an exclusive Tri-Port nozzle which enhances the water pattern Sprinkler System Installation Euless with its different levels like close, mid, and long range uniformity.

If you are interested in the Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler then it's best to contact the company for specifics on performance and sizing. After all, if you have a system large enough to require a head like this, then you are undertaking a massive job. It's best to communicate with the factory or at least an authorized distributor of the product. The company recommends that have a design prepared by a professional designer who has experience in creating large turf sprinkler systems.

The Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler is classified as a smart irrigation product. Smart irrigation can reduce your water usage, reduce your bills and practically eliminate harmful runoff. For more information on the Weathermatic CT70 rotary sprinkler visit the official website or look for an authorized dealer in your local area.

By: Devin Gilliland

Article Directory: http://www.articleda

Devin Gilliland is VP of one of the largest online wholesale dealers and distributors of Weathermatic CT70 sprinkler and water timers.

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Blog | Orlando Sprinklers and Irrigation

flooded lawn

Welcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to offer our online readers some tips concerning sprinkler irrigation. Today we would like to give some advice about how to troubleshoot pipe leaks involved with your irrigation system by finding the leak and resolving the problem.

Pressure loss, geysers, dry spots and overly saturated areas are bu t a few of the problems associated with broken sprinkler lines. So cast off the yoke of overpriced landscapers, gather together courage and shovel, and fix it yourself. Your wallet will be glad you did.


If your sprinkler heads have stopped functioning and you notice new, soggy patches of grass or soil along your sprinkler lines, you most likely have a leak. Generally, we suggest calling a professional to handle these situations but sometimes, certain issues can be handled by the homeowner.

A broken sprinkler pipe can be a major headache, and many irrigation companies can't be bothered Sprinkler System Installation Dallas to service a system that they didn't install. The repair bill can run hundreds of dollars or more, and in the meantime, your irrigation system is offline and your lawn is turning brown. The truth is that fixing a sprinkler pipe is simple, once you've located the leak.

The first item of business is to figure out where your pipe is leaking. You might be able to tell simply by seeing where soggy patches have been appearing on your lawn. If some of your sprinkler heads seem to have low pressure but you can't tell where the problem is, place caps on all your heads to restrict water flow and turn on all sprinkler zones. Then, wait to see where water emerges through the soil.

It can take many hours to find a leak in your irrigation system, which is why repairs can be so expensive. If you know you have a leak, you should know which sprinkler zone is the problem. Turn that zone on manually at the control box. If you see a reduction in water pressure between two sprinkler heads in the leaky zone, the leak is somewhere between them. If some of the sprinkler heads don't come on at all, note the sprinkler that is farthest from the valve box, and identify the sprinkler head closest to it that isn't coming on. The leak is between the se two. Now leave the zone running. Over time, the ground over the broken pipe will start to seep water.

Once you find the location above the leak, dig down to the leak, being careful not to cause any more damage to the pipes. Before you dig, shut off the sprinkler controller so no water can flow through the pipe while you are working. If you are growing lawn over the area, cut large square patches with a shovel and remove them with several inches of dirt clinging to roots so you can replace the sod later. Dig carefully down around the sprinkler, using a trowel if necessary, to avoid breaking the line further. Clean off the pipe and use clean tools when repairing.

Once you find the site of the leak at the pipe, you can either cut the line or unscrew it. If it is a shorter piece in the line, you can unscrew it and remove it from the line. If it is a longer length of pipe, which is more likely, you'll need to use a hacksaw to cut out the broken part. Rem ove the section of pipe around the site of the leak without allowing dirt or debris into the line to avoid clogging. Insert a new length of pipe into the break and attach them with PVC primer and pipe cement.

For the final step, fill the hole in and replace the sod. Take care to fill in the area underneath the repaired pipe before you shovel in the rest of the dirt. If you leave any gap underneath the pipe, over time the dirt on top bends or compresses the PVC, and you end up having to dig it all up again.

Remember, the safest option is always consulting with a professional over sprinkler irrigation issues. When there is an emergency, it may be necessary for the homeowner to Sprinkler System take matters into their own hands. Contact us in the Central Florida and Orlando areas for sprinkler irrigation issues or projects we may be able to install. Contact us today at 407-302-2227 to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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Wooden Pergola-A Usable Garden Landscaping Solution

Are you about to create a better home for your family just by adding that natural greenery and floral touch inside and around house? There Sprinkler System Installation Rockwall are many techniques to plan and design your landscape. If gardening 's what you enjoy to recreate and pacify I'd like to give some tips to improve the aesthetics of one's surroundings or even get those admiring looks from your family and friends at your great home gardening art.

A home appraisal is actually a survey of your home produced by a professional to provide an opinion about the property's value. Often this can be performed on behalf of the bank when the home's owner or potential buyer is looking for a new loan for the home. The appraisal discusses several factors, such as neighborhood, location, values of other homes along with the length of time similar homes decide to try sell. Yet just about the most important factors considered cou ld be the home's condition.

“We're obsessed with what we do, and particularly about the #landscapemaintenance end of our business,” commented a spokesperson from Landscaping OC. “When we are hired to make sure a customer's yard looks its best, we realize it's a big responsibility and it's really one we make certain all of our workers take very seriously. We know word of mouth is so important in Orange County so leaving every customer happy is our goal.”

We will probably never uncover who the inventor in the leaf blower is. Yet, we can easily be quite sure the first commercially ready backpack leaf blower was made in 1970 by the Japanese Kyoritsu company that we understand today as Echo. The PB-9 Backpack Power Blower was not the initial blowing machine built by Kyoritsu. The company pioneered producing what are called backpack power dusters which are used Gardening href=" prinkler-system-parts/sprinklers"> to spray pesticides on plants. The story goes that individuals started to dismantle the chemical spray unit and used the device to blow leaves and debris out of their property. It is a realistic story. It is not difficult to estimate that the company engineers saw the requirement for something that blows leaves and designed the PB-9.

Northwe st Landscaping now offers excellent landscaping services. They do a great job with maintaining luxurious flowerbeds, shrubs, lawns and also weeding, fertilizing, planting and mowing. They feel that you can be pleased with your lawn equally as they are pleased with the product which they supply. They are dedicated to creating and all of their properties on the highest standards. They are known for their unparalleled customer support and have excellent communication with home owners. All of their personnel are trained professionals which might be well qualified and also have excellent experience.

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Lawn Treatment Enterprise Cards: 5 Customizable Templates

Landscaping the yard adds worth to your own residence. This becomes appealing along with ideal for future sale. It creates a place that will causes it in order to be very relaxing. The Particular trees obstruct the sunlight from penetrating your home, thus, so that it is cooler upon sunny days. Your plants Sprinkler reduce greenhouse gasses and create fresh, beautiful throughout the night. Indeed, residence landscaping gives a Sprinkler System Installation Arlington great deal of advantages. Here are a new handful of guidelines on how to landscape your home:

With the actual help of landscaping experts, you could create great as well as appealing landscapes in your property. But, hiring landscaping companies can always be very expensive. It can get worse, if someone makes costly mistakes when hiring landscaping experts. To Always Be able To help you, down below c an end up being a set of the particular mistakes you must be aware of.

You can use landscaping bricks pertaining to virtually everything, separate or border flower beds and also places with your garden, build a brick patio or even a barbecue, pathways, walls, raised flower beds, your current imagination could be the limit. If anyone plan in order to develop a brick patio, you'll want to use mortar to repair the actual bricks. An Individual may use a basket weave design, which is an straightforward process to make and really attractive. In case you may well be considering using bricks with your flower garden, you could make lines and also separate areas as well as to attract the particular visitors' eyes to some specific spot.

For the particular homeowner, recycled plastic paving stones supply many perks. the stones tend in order to be durable. like plastic lu mber, they will not split, break, or deteriorate, which makes them virtually indestructible. Compare this to end up being in the position to asphalt which might final eight for you to many years or perhaps concrete which would last 2 for anyone to two-and-a-half decades, based on Millennial Living. Whilst plastic paving stones could potentially be more expensive to buy, their particular longevity ensures they are a strong investment.

Mowing, pruning, lawn cleanups, planting plants along with fertilization, certain seasonal associated work, and even more most fall under Landscaping OC's landscaping maintenance responsibilities based on the customer's people needs. during enterprise hrs any landscaping expert is mostly readily obtainable for a consultation and cost quote, in order to lend advice on a prospective landscaping project.

Advantages Of Plant Hire Dudley

Japanese Garden Landscaping-A perfect Art

You may see your new yard being a blank canvas, but be sure to consider your options before you start digging. So, you've finally had your bid accepted and you are looking forward to dealing with work on the vision you've got for your new yard! Well, the unhealthy news is the green lawn covers dreadful soil and unsightly pipes and wiring that were covered for many years.

Doing laundry, brushing your teeth or showering produces wastewater called greywater. Greywater is just the wastewater which is leftover from household usage like laundry, bathing and washing dishes. Greywater is not the same as blackwater, which contains harmful contaminants like human waste. Blackwater can not be recycled because it needs to be cleaned at the wastewater treatment facility.

For landscapers, they begin their work by making detailed observations from the current property, sketching the building and its surroundings, along with identif ying the constraints there are with the current landscape, and possible limitations using the future idea. Such limitations can include neighboring buildings, the quality in the soil, climate of the area, and the like. As soon as they are done mapping your plan, they will move on to the structure. Designs begin while using pathways, before trying the rest of the features like private pools, ponds, gazebos, benches, and fountains. After that, they'll add more details towards the surroundings, like the trees, plants, or shrubs, which complement the appearance that the client goes for. Landscaping designs could be themed also, where landscapers will likely need to base their designs on.

Some of the services that Relms offers are landscape lighting installation, irrigation installation and maintenance, lawn/turf management programs, tree/stump removal, perennial cutback, tree/s hrub pruning, walls, walks, patios, redesign, island beds, water gardens, foundation plantings plus more. Many times landscaping companies offers ideas that you might not be mindful of to make your entire space come together into a cohesive unit.

If you are planning to create a pathway, a choice would be to use crushed brick, whereby you'll need to line the lower with a special fabric, to stop particles from becoming lost. Or you can simply use bricks to produce a pathway or sideway. In this case, you can use a basket wave design or perhaps place them consecutively, one at a time.

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Maintenance Of Cedar Shingles

Roofing shingles are available in many different styles, shapes, colors and patterns. More technically speaking, TPO can be a trade name that identifies polymer, polyethylene, polypropylene, BCPP, rubber, and a reinforcement filler. They can be especially dangerous whenever a person isn't very cautious.

SmartErrors powered by CloudflarePrivacy policy. Having someone on your own side that has proven experience during these sorts of installations will make all the difference in terms of the appearance and structural integrity of your new roof. Can You Fix Your Heater on Your Own?.

A good quality GRP roof should last the absolute minimum of two decades but when done correctly should easily exceed past this. profile, Plain sheets, greca profile etc. profile, Plain sheets, greca profile etc. Make certain you're fulfilling all of the installation requirements for any particular type of roofing material. It is flexible, UV resistant, and it has several options for surfacing.

EARTH FRIENDLYAluminum metal roofing is often d from recycled aluminum cans and is considered a recycled product and might help reduce our impact on the earth's natural resources. The Arrow Roofing website is located at www. A safety harness is surely an important tool which allows a person to securely access those hard-to-reach areas of the roof. If you have to do opt to call in a roofing service to repair the leak it may cost between one hundred fifty to eight hundred dollars, depending on the severity of the leak, just how long it takes to fix it, and what needs to be completed to fix the leak.

oSlate and Clay Tiles - When referring to durability, slate tiles can outlive most people. In Alberta, the Building Code needs a leak Barrier to become installed on all eaves trough and valley areas of your Roof Systems because of issues related to such snow and ice build up. But before you choose to start trying to find one, it is essential to be aware of questions you've to ask. When climbing up for the roof you will need to produce certain you've a good sturdy ladder to climb on. Page 1 of 2 :: First - Last :: Prev - 1 2 - Next.

The last item that really needs to be known may be the relative life expectancy of the roofs in question. You have to only choose a reputable roofing contractor. The drainage system makes sure that water is funneled out properly. Page 1 of 2 :: First - Last :: Prev - 1 2 - Next.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Is Your Yard Looking Dowdy? Brighten It Up With This Helpful Landscaping Advice!

Although huge yards and long walkways that need to be cleared of piles of leaves are within nearly all elements of the world, nowhere could be the use of leaf blower so widespread as in the United States. There is no doubt how the American disposition for running large, gas powered machinery leads to the prevalence of these appliances. Witnessing their presence and operation for most suburban neighborhoods, we have come to forget these powerful landscaping tools were once nonexistent. It is best that we know in regards to the origins of the device that plays an important role in the daily lives individuals people. This article is a shot to simplify the history of leaf blowers and question some myths that surround the invention from the backpack power blower.

Today, internet enables dissemination of information at unprecedented speed but, additionally, it may serve the spread of junk claims. We find the type of claim around the Wikipedia article on leaf blowers, where someone has told you that an unknown person named Dom Quito invented the leaf blower in late 1950's. No resource is cited plus a google search for Dom Quito lists several webpages, which name Dom Quito since the inventor of leaf blower and provides Wikipedia because the source of these details. The life, deeds and offer whereabouts of Mr. Quito are shrouded in mystery and yes it does not have a lot of considered to discern that Dom Quito claim could be the fabrication as someone who made a decision to have fun with the internet community.

The value of your premises, whether residential or commercial, is entirely dependent on certain factors. These factors influence the selling and also the buying price of the property. There are innumerable elements that are latched on a property the other of them is landscaping. It is advisable that you hire a Dubai Landscaping company to bring back the beauty of your outdoors with a design which is matchless. Dubai landscape architecture had consolidated its imprint around the sands of energy and has progressed by leaps and bounds. Embarking on Dubai landscape design assures you of top notch creative aspects and thorough professionalism. However, there are specific guidelines that you have to consider before plunging into landscaping viz. picking out a good company to handle the entire process so that it delivers laudable results.

For the homeowner, recycled plastic paving stones offer many perks. The stones are durable. Like plastic lumber, they're not going to split, break, or deteriorate, making them virtually indestructible. Compare this to asphalt which can last 8 to 15 years or concrete which will last 2 to 25 years or so, as outlined by Millennial Living. While plastic paving stones might be m ore expensive to buy, their longevity means they are a solid investment.

These woods are naturally UVA, insect, rot and rain resistant, however a fantastic coat or 2 of resin based wood stain will further grow their durability as well as providing extra beauty and gloss, enhancing all the natural wood patterns and texture. Wooden pergolas can be built free standing inside the garden or in the backyard, connected to the house, over the patio or possibly a deck. They come in different styles, with large or marrow joist span to let more or less light in and offer hold to climbing plants or hanging flower to incorporate shade and complement the whole structure.